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We want a cheaper solution, you're too expensive!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Tue, May 15, 2012

Have you ever heard this from a client or a prospect? If so you failed to sell value or you were not delivering results.

So what can you do if a client or prospect says "we want a cheaper solution"?

  1. decide if you missed something in your sales process and take a step back. Go back through things and make sure you covered everything. Because if they are say this, chances are you talked money too early in the conversation.
  2. say "Next!" and move on, they were not a good fit fore you.

I had an ex-client call me today looking for some help. It seems their website is down. They were unhappy with our prices and thought they would just manage things on their own. They left 8 months ago or so.

Sadly their new IT Firm broke the website. IT guys are pretty smart about computers and networking, but they usually fail when it comes to branding, marketing, lead generation and the like. So being replaced by an IT firm goes to show how poorly we sold the client. Now their website is down because the IT firm pointed the whole domain to their current server stationed inside the client's office. 

The problem here is this… the client's brand is being destroyed by silly acts. So who's fault is this? Well, I'll take the blame for this. Although, I really like this client, I have made some mistakes. The biggest one was not proving the extreme value of the new brand and trainning the client on how to manage it. All the money invested in developing a strong brand is eroding each day by doing silly things like, not knowing how to manage a domain.

Although today's value of your brand never makes it on your P&L, the errosion is certainly costing you. It may be easy to overlook this since it doesn't show up in your accounting software until you get your company valuation done to prove brand value.

For this client, any person that sees the host-server-link-welcome-page, is going to think they have gone out of business. What is this costing in future business?

I am hoping all our current and future clients will never run into this problem. We are setting better expectations for new clients. And because we have a more defined idea of who our best clients are, we should get better results and build better relationships.

Cheaper solutions can be good, but many times you get what you pay for. Paying a few extra dollars now typically saves you a bundle down the road. If you have heard this "cheaper" statement from clients/prospects, how did you deal with this issue? Leave your thoughts below.

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