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Social Sales Survey has started. Please take 3 minutes to answer.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, May 07, 2012

If you are a sales person, a sales manager, a business owner or a CEO you might want to take this survey and have your whole sales team take it separately. Once we collect all the data you will also be included to get one of the first copies of the reported findings.

If you'd like to see where other professional firms like yourself are reaching success and also where some are struggling, this report will tell you. It should give you an idea of what your company is excelling at or where they could use help. Or better if anyone is using social media to really build a solid sales machine on.

So please take 3 minutes to fill out this survey and if you want a copy of the report, just let us know. Survey respondants will get the report first before it is rolled out to others.