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Calling all salespeople using social media as part of sales process

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, May 02, 2012

I have partnered with a few marketing and sales firms to ask this very question. We are creating a questionnaire and a report of the findings and asking professionals like yourself to participate. What questions would you like to see answered?

So if you think this would be an interesting report of the current state of sales people who use social media, then share some questions or stay tuned as we progress and finalize this report.

  • If you are an expert salesperson using social media, what would you like to know from others like you?
  • If you are a business owner or CEO, what questions would you like answered about social media and your sales team?
  • If you are in sales but haven't tried adding social media to the mix yet, why? What questions would you like to have answered?

Keep in mind these questions could be anything that is relevant or that could be helpful if answered. Once we have all the questions, we will add them to our current questionnaire and then send it out to more professional sales people, and yourself if you'd like, to get a solid base of what's the status of sales today and how are people successfully using social media.

Here are a few example questions you might be wondering about:

  1. How many sales people are using social media as part of their sales mix?
  2. Can these sales people tie a dollar amount to the business that came solely from social media?
  3. What is the average dollar size of a typical project for this type of client?
  4. How much time do these salespeople send on social sites?
  5. What are the top sites for social sales?
  6. How long does it take to create an ongoing social sales pipeline?
  7. etc., etc., etc.

Please feel free to add some other questions you might like to have answered by leaving a comment below. Also, please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might add additional questions or who might be interested in this report.

Thanks for your help!