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Shopping frenzy for shopping cart & ecommerce websites.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Apr 30, 2012

Over the years we have done a few ecommerce shopping cart related websites. As a matter of fact before I started Brandwise, I worked for a large corporation that did nothing but ecommerce websites. Anyhow, although we have experience doing these sites, they seem to be peppered over the years. Recently though there has been a shopping frenzy on shopping carts and ecommerce websites.

I'm not sure what the big push is, but we have several in the works right now and several more requests. I have no idea what this recent flurry of buzz is around ecommerce, maybe it is just that everyday people are becoming more and more aware of and trusting with online shopping experiences. Since smartphones & iPads are becoming more and more popular this could the new push.

Ecommerce sure has chnged since I worked for AMPeMerce (pre '99). I remember it was highly pushed that the employees shop online to support this new technology. These days are nearly a thing of the past. My niece has been going to online shopping sites to look at clothes and and other things since she was 3 or 4. Granted there are a few people like my parents that missed the internet age on some level and so they will always struggle to some degree and building trust with online shopping.

My mother-in-law though is pretty tech savvy and loves reading with her kindle and buys things online. I think part of her comfort might be because she was a catalog shopper so this is not much different.

So how often do you shop online? Do you have an online store? If you don't have one yet, have you thought about adding ecommerce as part of your sales strategy? Would an ecommerce site help improve your annual revenues? What are your favorite online shopping sites? How much are you willing to spend online? Would you like to see if an ecommerce site could work for you? Then give us a call 817-244-0990.