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Marketing/Sales Issue - educated, certified or self-proclaimed experts

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Could it be that marketing and sales biggest problem is that it really doesn't take anything to become a marketer or sales person. Granted many marketers can go to school for marketing and get and MBA, but there are also many people who are not trained. Just a self-proclaimed "Marketing Expert" or a self-proclaimed "Sales Expert", that's all it takes. In sales case, there really isn't a college or university offering sales training or diplomas.

So if 60%+ of the people in the business development positions within companies are not formally trained how can anyone be successful? Over the last 13 years, I have looked into hiring a sales person from time to time. Honestly I never pulled the trigger because I never found someone I thought could pull off a better job than I do for my own company. Beyond this, finding someone who had a salary/commission income to work into our budget was very hard. Sales people want to get rich, this is fine if you could prove you will also make me rich in the process. To-date no one could.

I know that before I owned Brandwise, I was working in a large corporation and the marketing director of my department had no formal training. Sadly her husband golfed with one of the lead people in our department. The marketing she delivered was weak and ineffective, but it was great for her background (none). The problem is the cost it takes for this hands on learning. It is costing businesses a fortune dealing with this kind of self-trained expert who is learning on your dime.

I think this is the same issue in sales. For the last 2 years I have been involved in sales training. Over this time I talked to many of the marketing firm owners going through this same sales training, sadly they never got it. Often many took the lessons and tried to run with things or tried to do a hybrid program of the sales training and their personal marketing experience. When it comes to changing and listening to where there might be problems and then actually trying to fix these problems, often, this never happened. Again they fall back on where they feel comfortable instead of adding skills in the prospecting and sales calling, since they don't really want to do this stuff.

Again the point here is not to point fingers, but to ask where are "Experts" created? Are people self-proclaimed experts or are they actually getting formal training every 6 months. Maybe this isn't college and university training, but it could be professional training via webinars, online courses or professional coaching. What level of expert are you? Self-Proclaimed, Certified or Formally Educated? What can we do to get better? How much education will it take to develop REAL experts?

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Tags: Marketing, Sales

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