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Is inbound marketing enough?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Mar 28, 2012

In today's marketplace things are getting more and more competitive everyday. Now with inbound marketing allowing small businesses to compete on a global scale and leveling the playing field against the big dogs in business, how are they able to compete with all the clutter?

I talked to someone yesterday who was frustrated with Hubspot. They were looking to do inbound marketing (blogging, social media, landing pages, analytics) on their own through multiple pieces of software instead of using Hubspot which is basically a one-stop-shop for all these things and marketing automation. Some people can do this, but it usually is a waste of time and money, believe me I tried it for small clients. The problem many people have is they get caught up on the wrong things. In this case the business owner was hung up on the expense of Hubspot and not figuring out how to get new business.

It's easy to talk improved traffic, generating more leads, getting more followers, but my banker really can't do anything with my 1500 twitter followers or my 3000 plus traffic each month. My banker can however do something with the money a client deposits into my account. This is the key- focus on what is important and look at the big picture!

So let's say you get inbound working properly and generating leads for your organization, then what? Well you need to get those leads to someone who knows how to work them and wants to work them. One thing I am finding after doing inbound marketing for my clients for 3 years is the fact that many of them have no idea how to work a lead. Worse many of them like the idea of lead generation, but have no real interest in figuring out a way to work their leads or train their sales team to work these leads. Often the CEO will keep the sales team out of the mix from inbound. Who is this helping?

So in my honest opinion inbound marketing is not enough to create a successful business or growth. What would happen if your sales team were part of the marketing mix? What if they actually told stories through videos or blog posts about their interactions with prospects and clients. Then what would happen if marketing reviewed things before they went live on the site and both teams developed an eBook or webinar to educate the prospects and helped to over come the issues or problems the sales team was talking about in their blogs and videos?

Can you see how a sales and marketing team working together like this could really improve most companies sales process? Now what if the sales team got on board with writing a blog weekly and you had a competition between sales people for getting the most readers, comments, but most importantly qualified leads that turn into new business? Using inbound marketing to track this data would be useful to the company, but also tap into the competitive nature of your sales team. Plus all sales people could learn from the top results getting sales person and start applying these techniques to the lower performing sales people. Soon everyone is performing better.

The goal of everyone, both sales and marketing should be to create Life Long Evangelists!

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Sales

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