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Twitter goes mainstream with the power of the Hashtag on TV!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Mar 26, 2012

Tonight I was watching The Voice. As some of you will know, I am a huge music buff although this isn't my typical music selection. It is interesting to see how musicians are chosen and how some musicians learn to step it up and go into a competition against different type of artists. Similar to the hip-hop mc going up against the country duo singing I Can't Get No Satisfaction. This was good and unique and the hip-hop artist pulled it off!

Ok so although this isn't my top music style, the older people watching this show are probably feeling the same way about the introduction of social media to their TV programming. This is however becoming more and more prevalent. So out of curiosity I logged on to see how popular twitter was with this audience. Would you like to guess? Well it is EXTREMELY POPULAR. In the time it took me to write the first two paragraphs there were some 250 tweets using the hashtag #TheVoice. So there must be thousands of tweets per show and who knows how many through the week between each show.

This is a good example of integrated marketing. They have the TV program itself which would atract a certain following, then they ad regular advertising in tv commercials and I'd bet print ads and maybe even radio ads. Beyond this they figured out how to engage the audience by tying it into twitter where they use not only thousands of fans tweeting, but also adding top videos and top images. They also have a facebook page that have voting to predict the winners to add some more engagement to the marketing mix. And then the most important thing they do and probably the reason the show was created, to sell music. They do this on iTunes.

Wow has the music industry finally coming around and decided to join the digital music world. Although they have been coming around creating a way to cash in on the digital music world is really a strong sales solution. People feel like they are a part of this and so they can sell performances and songs at a above average price, but only for a limited time.

It is cool to see a some cutting edge marketing being applied to the mainstream. Of course this will mean that the extreme cutting edge digital marketers will be on the look out for new underground tools to stay ahead of the curve. The true benefit of this though is as things like twitter become more and more popular it will add a sense of legitimacy for all companies. Twitter is still misunderstood and thought of as just a kids toy by many business owners. But think about it if NBC is cashing in on it there has to be value even for B2B companies. Think what would happen if you could just get a fraction of customers, prospects and others to spread your word. What if you had 50 or 100 people tweet or retweet your message a week. Then think about their follower, what if they had 100, 500 or 1000 followers. How quickly could this grow your business?

These tools and techniques could help you reach 5,000 or 100,000 new prospects/followers in a short amount of time. Granted, this is going to cost you something, mostly time, energy and remarkable content in order to get shared and get shared often. Keep in mind though that the price to reach 5,000 to 100,000 people in advertising or other forms of advertising are going to be very pricey. This is how the smart smaller businesses are leveling the playing field and competing with the old school top dogs like NBC.

So the take away if you aren't on twitter yet, get on it! If you're on twitter, but not using hashtags yet, figure out how to use them now! A hashtag allows you to sort common tweets on one topic. So in your tweet about The Voice and to join the conversation you would tweet something like this - The Voice was interesting tonight. I liked the hip-hop version of I can't get no satisfaction #TheVoice.

So if you are a church, small business, B2B, B2C, large global corporation, you can all use twitter in some form. It could be to spread the word, build evangelists, become a thought leader, create stronger customer service, advance PR or deliver a powerful crisis management program. There are many opportunities to use these tools. Share your favorite hashtag and twitter tip below in the comments section. OR if you are new to twitter ask a question and let us find a solution for you to all the questions you have. Again, just place them below in the comment section. Thanks and happy tweeting.

Want to learn how to apply twitter and other social media tools to your marketing efforts? Check out this Smarketing class.

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