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How to get over the marketing one-night-stand

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

Yesterday we went into depth about what a marketing one-night-stand is. If you haven't read this article yet, you may want to check this one out as well - Why a marketing One-Night-Stand doesn't work!

The way to avoid the marketing one-night-stand is to know that, yes you do need marketing to help bring you new business. Keep in mind though that marketing is never a silver bullet. It is something you need to do regularly.

Tired of marketing
You need these items:

  1. Professional Logo - something unique and not off the shelf, something simplistic and easy to read, but also something that is hard for others to recreate since it is very customized type and icon
  2. Professional Business Cards - it is important to have address, email, phone, web address and potentially social media icons, make sure your cards are printed well - picking a heavy paperstock and quality printing firm will deliver a memorable impression and help you stand out from all the vista-print cheap business cards.
  3. Solid Website - this should be something more than a 5 to 12 page digital brochure website that never changes. A solid website should include a blog built right into your site, social media links, a way to subscribe to the blog by email, and a way to share the articles through social media links.
  4. Remarkable Social Media Profiles - after your site is set up, create social media sites for your company (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.). Make sure you add content to your profiles regularly and that you engage and interact with your followers, this is what create remarkable social sites.
  5. Monthly eNewletter - signup for Constant Contact or some other email marketing tool and put out a monthly newsletter that offers suggestions or tips, links to your social media profiles, links to blog articles and your website.

Notice how all these things start building upon one another? This is how you know you are starting to breakout of the marketing one-night-stand mentality. Your company is starting to mature and head into dating and ongoing regular marketing. Soon you will see the benefits of continually marketing and how every marketing item builds on that last. This is when you start seeing better results and start shopping for a ring for the long-term commitment to marketing or a marketing firm you plan to stay with.

When you get truly committed to marketing an find new ways to build on what you already have, this is when strong, reputable and valuable brand starts to emerge. One way or another you are branding your firm. You are either creating a brand like coca-cola where you continually market and build on each previous campaign or you do nothing or very little (maybe the one-night-stand) and create a brand that is worth little to you or anyone else.

To learn more about the marketing one-night-stand check out yesterdays article - Why a marketing One-Night-Stand doesn't work!

If you are tired of one-night-stands and looking to learn how to avoid them at all costs you might want to check out our Smarketing - 12 week business development course.

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