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How to handle irate customers… head on!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Tue, Mar 06, 2012

The beauty of the internet, blogs, video and social media is that customers now have a lot of power. They can go out and tell the world their story and give you bad rankings on websites and really drag your name through the mud.

I have talked about this topic before with a focus towards blog comments in these articles:

I have also shared a few articles where I lay into organizations and spread the word of their poor service as in these articles:

Then there was the article I wrote last week blasting Hubspot. Don't get me wrong I love Hubspot and pretty much will not take on a web client unless they are on Hubspot, but I was pretty frustrated and needed them to hear my problem loud and clear. You see the spell check tool needs some work. I have talked to multiple people about this over the years. I've also posted a request to get this fixed on hubspot's vote tool. Anyhow the point is this is an ongoing problem the software has for 3+ years.

So the point here is this… I wrote an email to get Hubspot's attention and to rally the troops to get this tool fixed. Although no one wanted to touch this article (I usually have many people tweeting and retweeting my articles - none did with this one), I did get one person to comment on the article. It was the Co-Founder of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah. He shared his thoughts on the problem and also new efforts they are going to be rolling out to address this issue.

So as you can see Hubspot went right to the irate customer and simmered the situation down. Dharmesh is a great guy, although a little shy when I see him in person, he is super smart! Maybe this is why he knew how to handle this situation. So if you run into a similar situation follow hubspot and try to help the irate customer in public and on their blog. This is an eternal document to trying to reach out and help the customer.

Obviously you need to not only publicly try to defuse the situation, you actually need to fix the problem that caused it. I trust that Hubspot will do this and I hope they will get back to me on a timeframe I can expect this to be fixed. If this happened, I am back to being a happy customer and partner. If it is neglected for another 3 years, I'm sure there will be another article about this.

To see how a professional takes and irate customer head on read the article and comment here: What's the #1 thing I HATE about Hubspot? Weak Spellcheck tool!

Remember just be professional and try to help these people. You can ease the problem as well as gain respect from the customer and prospective customers that read this customers blog. Best of luck and I hope you have very few times you will need to use this advice!