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Branding Tips to Increase Sales

Has the internet changed the way your sales prospect buys?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Feb 23, 2012

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Over the last ten years it has been amazing how business has changed. What once might happen in 50 years now seems to be happening every few years. Things are moving a a breakneck speed in the digital world as we are all becoming more and more connected and living more and more digital lives. In the past you had to do presentations to educate customers on how you solved their problems. Today they are doing hours worth of research before they even reach out to you.

How can we compete when we no longer are competing with a local community and the shop next door? We are now competing with every other competitor in America, India, and China. What's worse for American's is some of these foreign competitors are able to price the same work at 1/10th of typical American prices.So what can we do? Well the first thing we need to do is not compete on price! We need to add value. We need to deliver an online presence where the prospect can do their research, but also have a reason to raise their hands and say… I'm interested, I want to know more.

Many Inbound marketing companies are doing this for people. I have several competitors in this area. And even though they are helping with the web traffic, social media and the lead generation, their is still a disconnect in sales. Why is it lead generation has increased by 800% in some cases and sales still goes nowhere or worse down?

Honestly, even kids are using smart phones these days. My nephew who is 2 got an ipad for Christmas. Granted he is not your customer, but the teens and twenty-somethings are super tech savvy. Is this a market you want to miss? It is not only kids, the baby-boomers are picking this stuff up too. My dad told me this weekend that they were looking to get high-speed internet, because dial-up was an inconvenience to his life. Imagine someone still on dial-up today! Obviously the internet was not important to him until he couldn't download any of the Garmin GPS updates he bought for directions in the real world. Although they live in the very rural, backwoods mountains of Lock Haven/Renovo, PA (they live so far out there isn't even a name for it, but try to find either of these cities on a map, good luck on most print maps, but google maps will get you there), even in the deepest most remote locations are getting hip to the way our lives are changing.

How are your prospective clients changing? Is the internet effecting the way they buy?

Photo by karen horton

boomers and smartphones

Photo by lorenkerns

Because your buyers no longer buy the way they used to,  your sales team needs to change just like your buyers. Actually your sales team needs to change before your buyers. Your sales team needs to lead this change, not follow the buyers. Right now this is the biggest challenge most sales people are being blindsided and have no idea why. When they figure it out they go into learn mode for years trying to reinvent the wheel of their previous good sales system. Have you ever thought about this stuff? Have you seen your sales team struggle? Are you wondering why can't we hit our monthly or annual sales goals? If so, don't feel bad, many others are in the same boat. The problem is the boat is sinking. Are you going to be a captain and go down with the ship, are you going to start bailing water as quick as you can, or are you going to grab the helicopter line and speed to safety and start selling in a 21st century style?

Understanding your buyers is important, but so is understanding yourself. So maybe the first place to start is a sales assessment and then maybe developing a new strategy. Or maybe you just want to try another technique to get you to the next level. If you just want a techniques maybe the 3 Things you can do NOW to Get Sales in Two Weeks will help.

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