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How long does it take to reach success on Hubspot?

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Feb 20, 2012

Quick success! Does quick mean months or years to you?

From time to time I review past clients that are working on Hubspot's inbound marketing software. Over the last three years I must have done a few hundred projects for hubspot clients from a call to action button all the way to completely doing a site redesign, buildout on hubspot and then doing 98% of the inbound marketing for the client. So I have seen it all in this realm of online marketing. I have seen major success and major failures.

As I review a few clients that I did projects for, and talked about ways to roll out a full inbound campaign, I have to chuckle when I see them going it alone. In the early days, Hubspot told everyone inbound marketing is something you can do yourself. Is this true? Well, kind of. If you have a person who has the time to become and inbound marketing expert. Most companies can't afford to hire a person like this because they do not know the value. A lot of times instead of outsourcing this work to a professional they go the route of one of my clients and they do a project or two with a Certified Partner like Brandwise and then decide, heck we can just pass this off to the intern or the admin (secretary) to post updates and do social media. After all how hard can it be.

Through some research, I see that one of Brandwise's ex-clients who said just that isn't doing so well. Sadly when I went to their blog I found they haven't written a blog article since February 11th. Ok, this wouldn't be so bad if this was a week and a half ago, but it was actually in 2011, so the last article was some 12 months old, wow! It looks as though they tweeted 12 times last year, and it looks as though they took down their facebook fan page, Yikes! No wonder traffic doesn't look good on Alexa.com.

So this article is not meant to call people out, it is to show the power of inbound marketing at give a realistic idea of how long it takes to reach success. Obviously the first step is defining what success looks like.

What are you trying to do or accomplish?

  • More traffic? How much, by when?
  • More qualified leads? How many, by when? What makes them qualified?
  • More sales? How much, by when?

In the grand scheme of things, all I really want for my business is sales. I want more clients hiring me to help them get more clients. I want 4 customers by the end of the quarter that are doing full inbound marketing campaigns. I want 20 clients going through the new Smarketing Course by the end of the quarter as well. I'd like to double traffic by the end of Q2 or Q3. I'd like conversions of visitors to qualified leads to be coming in at 100 or so per month.

Every company is going to be a little different, but these are the type of goals your need to be setting for your hubspot account, marketing and sales team. If you do not have these kinds of trackable and measurable goals, your are not going to be able to reach your goals ever! If you have these kinds of goals, but have not mastered the hubspot tool then hire a professional. An intern or admin is not going to be able to pull these kind of results off.

I have a client we are working with right now that is making big leaps in the traffic department, regularly increasing their monthly leads, but more importantly they are closing new business on some of their leads. This is where things start getting exciting! Our goal is always to double or triple our clients investment at very least. Ideally we want to do better and depending upon the client and their industry, some can do much better. Can you?

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