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Interesting ideas from Hubspot on Smarketing results.

Written by Dale Berkebile | Wed, Feb 08, 2012

If you have been reading any of the Brandwise articles over the last 6 months you have probably heard us talking about and sharing ideas on sales and marketing alignment (Smarketing). Now if you would like to hear what other people are saying check out some of the things Alison Savery of Hubspot has to say in a recent article How to Align Sales and Marketing for Results (Not Just Harmony).

A few of the topics Alison covers are:

  • Promote and Support Sales and Marketing Communication

  • Measure and Hold Teams Accountable

  • Create a Smarketing Agreement

  • Integrate Your Sales and Marketing Software

I found this to be a good article on the topic of smarketing and what smarketing should look like. I thought I would share these ideas from a third party so you can see there are many others promoting the new direction of sales and marketing.

Since this is new, there are many things I have not thought about, but will need to be worked out in the future, like:

  • compensation
  • bonuses
  • shared software to track, measure and report results to CEOs as well as sales and marketing teams

These will be items worked out and built as things are rolled out and although maybe not phase one items, they will need to be reviewed and implemented to build on the longterm success of smarketing.

We have many people hearing the stirrings and several people are signing up for the 12 week training to roll out smarketing within their organizations in 2012. If you would like to be ahead of the curve then jump on this train and leave your competitors in the 20th century.