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Why the only numbers that count are the ones on the cash register!

Written by Dale Berkebile | Mon, Feb 06, 2012

This morning I am looking through all my clients data to see how they are all doing. In the last 24 hours I have noticed some interesting things about working the numbers.Let's take a look at what I have found.

Last night during the Super Bowl several people promoted an article about Super Bowl Advertising & Integrated Marketing. This was an article I guest wrote on The Rainmaker Maker's blog. This article got 1000+ visits in less than 24 hours. This is probably more visits than 80% of all my blog articles over the last year. On top of this, myself and a few partners (@RainMakerMaker & @minetmarketing to name two) were aggressively tweeting all things #smarketing, #brandbowl, #superbowl, #adbowl & #sbads etc. We must have put out some 300 to 700 tweets in a 3 hour period. So these seem like great numbers, not to mention all the new followers we all probably picked up and the amount of coverage we got in twitter and the new engagements we made yesterday. It will be hard to track how these new numbers will play out.

The second set of numbers I noticed was a client's SEO Summary. They had a 3050% increase in new inbound links coming to their site. Wow! 3050% increase? That's great right? YES, but what will be greater is if these sites linking to my client brought in new traffic. Traffic is also up and that is great however is the cash register ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-chinging or is it just a great number that makes us feel good?

I am pretty sure as of today, both of these numbers are useless, meaningless and bringing in no business. If at the end of the week the article generates 50 to 60 new qualified leads to have a conversation with then yes the numbers for the article will be great. If not, then we still got some exposure, but not the type that is turning to money today.

As for the client's numbers, these are great! Again, I doubt the client is getting rich though or I would know about it. So what do you do with all these great numbers? Why not learn where the breakdown is. How could you make these numbers work for you? Maybe improving Call To Actions (CTAs), maybe making stronger CTAs by adding strong CTA buttons instead of CTA text links. What if we found out the sites linking to my client and figured out how to position future articles to speak the language of these new sites linking to us? What if we created landing page offers specifically for these new sites and share it with them and potentially get a link directly to an article or landing with a highly targeted and relevant offer for the site's audience? Yeah these things will help improve the already great numbers we have.

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