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Have you tried stupid human tricks on Linkedin yet?

Written by Dale Berkebile | Fri, Jan 27, 2012

I find Linked is one of the most overlooked social media tools. I guess people just aren't sure how to use it very well. You know we go out and set up a profile and then find ourselves saying "Is that it?" or "What else does this thing do?"

Did you know that most people do not know that you can optimize your linkedin profile just like you would with a website. That's right you can add keywords to help you get found. So is it true people are doing searches on Linkedin? You bet they are. The skilled sales person is using linkedin as a powerful sales prospecting tool.

Let me ask you a few questions and you can rate your Linkedin knowledge:

  1. Do you have a blog? Is it posting on your Linkedin Profile? Do you have a link to your blog under websites?
  2. Do you have your website listed on your profile? Is it listed as Company website or something else?
  3. Do you have a twitter account? Is it connected to your Linkedin profile?
  4. Does your profile show your "Activity"? If so how many posts happened this week 10 or more?
  5. Do you belong to any Linkedin Groups? Do you participate in the groups or just collect group badges?
  6. Have you used the Linkedin Answers tool to ask a business question? How often? Several times a month/quarter?
  7. Have you used Linkedin Answers to answer a question? How often? Weekly? Have you gotten ranked as Expert in a certain area of your industry? How often?

Some of you will know all the answers to these questions and say, yeah we got Linkedin under control. Others are reading this list and saying "What the heck is this guy talking about? How do we do that?". If you have questions about linkedin, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out. If you are a salesperson and know all the stuff listed above, fear not we have some solutions that will surprise you in our latest eBook. This ebook is called Stupid Human Tricks for salespeople using Linkedin.

I really think both sales people and others will find some good tips in this eBook. If you try it out, please download it, read it, start applying some of the tips and report back to us how they are working for you. I bet you will be very surprised what you learn and how well these tips work. Best of luck and happy selling!