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Want to see a sales machine, work a process? Visit Lancome!

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Sun, Jan 22, 2012

Want to see a perfect sales system in action? Check out the Lancome makeup counter at the mall.

So today I took my wife to the mall to pick up some makeup. I normally have no interest in the mall and especially not the makeup counter. Today, I felt like treating my wife so I join her.

If you are a woman or a husband of a woman that loves makeup and in the sales business, this is a great place to watch a sales system (strategic process) at work. Lancome has truly created a sales machine. So let's start with the fact that these guys offer one of the more expensive brands of makeup, but they have a system that just works and allows upsales with ease.

The woman behind the counter was highly knowledgable about the product. There was no stumping Jennifer (the girl waiting on us). She came right out and started building rapport by asking questions and agreeing with my wife. Then they ask what she was looking for. My wife needed some new powder. Oh, you are in luck, if you spend $35 you can get a free gift that includes some powder, but this gift isn't available until next week so you will need to come back in and pick it up. Hmmm, are we building client loyalty and repeat contacts? I think so.

Well my wife needed the powder NOW, not next week. So we bought it tonight. Luckily the powder was $36 so we got the free gift. My wife also needed eye shadow base. Luckily the eye shadow base came in the free gift, but somehow this meant my wife need to buy some eye shadow since the eye base was free. Two eye shadows… $36 so I guess the total was $72.

Now here is why I enjoyed watching this process. I love watching a good sales person do their job. I am not sure these girls are master sales people, but the geniuses at Lancome created a sales machine by creating a easy to learn sales process along with easy to use tools to help sell more product. My wife walked away excited and feeling great and of course due to the sales process, walk away spending more money then she planned.

So let's break down some of these things in this sales process. One thing I noticed as soon as Jennifer walked out, she obviously used the product and a lot of it. To me it was a little heavy, but it was put on with skill. Then, I am not sure if this is a sales tactic or just something Jennifer does without thinking, but she continually nodded her head which to me seemed like a subliminal message that "Yes, Yes, Yes you NEED this product."

Then the product is priced in such a way that you feel like you are walking a way with a great deal. These girls jump right into the free gift to get you sidetracked on the cost of the actual products because now you are emotionally involved and excited. If you can get a prospect excited and feeling good about themselves they will buy whatever you are selling. Then this is where the process became highly noticeable. So Jennifer breaks out the laminated Free Gift card. They not only are giving you a free gift, but they also want you to be a part of the process and allow you to pick the best products for you, so it is now personalized. Beyond this, the sales person now used this process to educate my wife on products she hasn't used yet.

Free trials or demos are a great way to get clients to try new products and buy more in the future. So in 10 days, my wife will have several new products she can fall in love with and spend more money on. All I can say is genius! Ok, so here's the kicker. Not only do they have a laminated sheet of all the products available in the free gift, they also have a check list to work through with my wife again to engage the customer and make them part of the process. So they start working through the items and checking things off then they move onto the collect the customer data to build a database (maybe a CRM) or potentially do future promotional mailings.

Here's the thing… watching a well organized sales system and seeing a sales person close and upsell people proves the power of a documented and applied sales system. This girl went from step one, to step two, on to step three and completely through the process until my wife walked away happy with her purchase and excited about her new free gifts coming in the next 10 days. Did I mention the cute bag to store everything in? Yeah that helps keep that happy feeling every day after the sale. So I tip my hat to Jennifer and the team at Lancome, they created a great experience that make clients (my wife) happy. Good job!

So my question to you is this… What's your sales process? Do you have a system that you could easily train every person on your sales team so they are able to go from step to step in order to consistently close a deal every time in a highly repeatable fashion? Do all your sales people perform on the same level or do you have one or two sales people that carry the whole sales team? If you can see the value in a tested sales system, then you may want to check out our new 12 week business development class. At the end of the training and 12 weeks of coaching, you will walk away with a similar sales system as Lancome, but customized to your products or service. A sales system make sales a slam dunk for even the inexperienced sales person.

If you want to learn more request info today!

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