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How to Attract More of Your Best Customers

Written by Chuck Jones | Sat, Jan 03, 2015

If you write and publish content for your website and blog or just send out a monthly newsletter how often do you really think about your audience? Do you simply send out product and feature updates or have you identified what your best customer looks like, who they are and what topics they are interested in? Do you know how to attract more of your best customers? Have you thought about customer retention and customer lifetime value as ways to define who your best customers are?

If you haven't given this much thought you should. Without a clear picture of who your ideal customer is and what they need you are likely spinning your wheels when it comes to content. 

Content is only good if it's relevant to your target audience and you should only write content for your best customers because that's who you want to attract to your website for your products or service, right? By really understanding your best customer and what they need and want you are more likely to publish articles that resonate with them.

To get started on your quest to better understand your best customer let's ask a few questions:


  • Who are my best customers?
  • Where are they?
  • What do they do?
  • How old are they?
  • What's their education and background?
  • How do they spend their day?
  • What do they worry about?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What do they need?
  • How do we help them?
  • Why do they do business with us?
  • What do they realy buy from us?


If you spend some time identifying the answers to these questions you are well on your way to developing a "persona" on your best customer. A persona is a fictional representation of your best customer. A character that describes him or her in great detail and helps you understand how you fit into their business or personal life, depending on what you sell.

By focusing on the persona of your best customer you will automatically do a better job of creating content they will want to read and thus be more interested in you because you have demonstrated an understanding of who they are and what they want.


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