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Ask Dale #1: 3 Tips for Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Oct 26, 2015


So the other day I decided to answer your questions. This is a tool I will use to create valuable tips for YOU based on YOUR NEEDS, not mine. Feel free to Ask Dale anything related to business and I will answer you personally or get an expert in that area to provide an answer for your question.



Erica Costa of TeleContact Resource asks…

I try to be social media savvy, but I am not quite there. I am always posting little things, then my direct business line, with a link to our website on Linked In. How do I get noticed more, get more views? What should I be saying that is going to grab more attention? I know what to do on the phone and in person, but I feel that social media has a great impact on how people do business today, and I would like to be part of that impact.

Here are my answers:


Congratulations on jumping into social media. In today's world this is really important. The biggest tip I can give you is to think of your approach in social media as you would when you are on a call. Do you do "little calls and mention your phone number and URL?" Does this work? Doubtful. Here is why. On the phone you are trying to create value and engage with "people". The same is true for social media.
So let me give you an example: You mention "posting little things"… this is fine, you should be posting things often. Make sure what you are posting is relevant to your ideal customer. 
Next you mention you add your "direct business line" and "your website". So think about this… by adding your number and url you are hoping someone will pick up the phone and call you, or go to your website and fill out a form, or go to your website and build enough trust to call you. The downside of this is it is ALL ABOUT YOU. You are hoping, you are cool enough in your little posts to push people right to CLOSE. If this is the first time I met you then, I am not ready to be closed yet.


Try These LinkedIn Tips:


Tip 1: Get Out Of "Close" Mode

People on LinkedIn are not ready to be closed yet. Think about how you can add value to your prospects and build a relationship and trust. Change your approach from "phone and url" on the little posts to adding your phone number and url to your LinkedIn profile. People don't want to "feel" sold, but the love buying. Build the relationship and value with the little posts and when they go to your profile make the phone number and website easy to find.


Tip 2: How To Get Noticed & More Views

Erica, you read my article titled LinkedIn Tip: The Power of Activity, which offers a few tips on this topic, like…being active and using the LinkedIn tools to set a baseline and measure your success. Practice these things and YOU WILL start to get noticed. Again, remember to be more passive in your sales approach. Here is another great set of tips from another article that might help you get noticed on LinkedIn. This article is titled LinkedIn Tip: Build a Relationship First. This article covers a bunch of ideas to help not just get noticed, but build relationships which is actually more important than just "getting views".


Tip 3: What To Say To Get More Attention

Erica, again in my opinion, this is a question of… where are you at in the sales process? In my world once I get someone on the phone we can work through the level of interest quickly so I never try to "sell" on LinkedIn. Save that for the phone call. In my opinion I would tell you that you need to be saying things like… "How Can I Help You?" or "Here are 5 Tips that are Helpful to Get Started with Cold Calling" or "3 Things to Think about when Hiring a Telemarketing Firm". Again, make sure to lead with advice and tips. Never make things "salesy" or "marketing" focused and talking about you or your firm. Focus 100% on THEIR needs and SOLUTIONS TO THEIR PROBLEMS. If you do this, you will greatly get noticed and start to build a big following.


Erica, please remember people are on social media to connect with REAL people. So be REAL (flaws and all). Be open and honest. Your prospects are also using social media to do research for vendors and products/services to buy. So share info that helps them do their research. Educate them on best practices in your industry. Some readers will be the DIYer that takes your info and never hires you. Some will be prospects that realize this is much more work then they want to do themselves, and they now know who they want to hire. Be that person!
I hope these tips helped and that you are able to start applying these concepts today. I would love to here your thoughts and how you have applied these tips Erica. Keep us posted and share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Do you have a question you haven't been able to get an answer to? Would you like professional advice, but scared to ask because you do not want to fight off a sales person? Well then try to ASK DALE, I'll do my best to get you a professional answer by myself or one of my connections that is an expert in that area of business that your question is discussing.



Erica Costa is an expert in the Telemarketing space and works for TeleContact Resource. If you need help in the Appointment Setting or Telemarketing areas she would be a good person to talk to. You can visit her on LinkedIn at Erica Costa or her company website at TeleContact Resource.

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