Betsy (McIlvain) Berkebile

Betsy is a great woman! She has got the kind of patience, understanding and kindness that are saint like. I am very lucky to have this fine woman as my wife.

Betsy's background and first training is in design and how we met. At the time, she was employed by Pier1 Imports. Although she loved design and is very talented she decided this was not her passion. Through a great community outreach program, by Pier1, she went to work an hour or so a week at a local school as an assistant. This is where she found her passion to make a difference in the world and soon learned how she could switch careers to become a teacher.

5 years latter she is changing the world and inspiring me all the way. During her time with Pier1 my eyes were opened to the world of giving back. One day I knew Brandwise would be following in the footsteps of Pier1 and creating a part of the business that helps others and builds stronger communities.

I thank Betsy for sticking with me and encouraging me and motivating me through the tough times of rebuilding Brandwise in Fort Worth. Although it has been a tough road Betsy has been positive for the whole trip. Even when the business was cutting into her lifestyle. She bucked up and with her help I have turned my ideas into a very successful business.

Thank you dear.
I love you!