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Dale Berkebile cited as Expert in Advertising.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Thu, Sep 17, 2009

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Louise David, owner of copymojo!, named Dale Berkebile of Brandwise- Expert in Advertising. Louise posted this question to the people using LinkedIn.


"What's your approach to marketing your business? Blogging, Networking, PR, advertising and or straight up Direct Marketing?

I am interested to understand how you market your business, and how valuable the different approaches are to you in terms of cost effectiveness, time effectiveness and lead generation. Do you use a mix of approaches, or just one? Are you more wary of one type of marketing approach than another?

If you have a moment to give me your insight into making the best of a small marketing/communciation budget I would be most interested."

Dale's Answer to this Question:
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The key here is knowing your customers and focusing in on their needs. Ask yourself what's in it for them? Define their true problems and how you can solve those problems and then market in mediums that will best reach your customer/prospects. It is better to start here than just start advertising or networking somewhere hoping this will generate new business.

Marketing revolves around your customer and prospect. If you meet their needs first and understand where they are then you can start your marketing process and start and integrated marketing approach adding multiple mediums (direct mail, trade shows, online, etc.) to reach the audience.

We help our clients define the mix of their marketing, but it all revolves around doing the leg work first to define their best or most profitable customers and then we develop a strategic plan of attack from there. As far as which medium to use, any medium can be successful if used correctly and if it meets the needs of the audience.

We like starting with a strong company name, develop a great logo, create a corporate identity package (business card, letterhead, env., note cards, etc.), start building an SEO focused web site including a blog. These items are good for most any company/industry. Then we advise our clients to network through industry related organizations, chambers or other business groups. Lastly, we add to the mix direct mail, email campaigns, press kits / sales collateral, trade show exhibiting, PR, advertising.

Oh, maybe one thing you would want to make sure of in your future marketing is look for mediums that are easy to track the success - direct mail, email, online marketing.

I hope this information helped and we wish you much success in whatever direction you take your marketing. 

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Dale Berkebile cited as Expert in Advertising.



Tags: Marketing, Blogging, Advertising, Direct Marketing


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