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Dale Berkebile cited as Expert in Business Development.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Sep 07, 2009

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Jeff Consoletti, Vice President, and Account Development at Two West named Dale Berkebile of Brandwise- Expert in Business Development. Jeff posted this question to the people using LinkedIn.

"Similarly, how important is a well-thought out story and concept to the ad campaigns and marketing initiatives agencies are crafting today? How are consumers responding and how have brand stories changed because of new marketing strategies?

My company just got back from the first ever Produced By Conference where most of Hollywood's top talent discussed the importance of storytelling and material to their craft. Similarly, I feel their is a parallel between marketing strategy and movie strategy and am curious if others agree."


Dale's Answer to this Question:
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I also agree that story telling is very important. Although, like Gianluigi said it is much easier said then done. Just like movie magic that happens with a solid foundation and well thought out story, so too can a company deliver marketing magic with the right story/marketing strategy and planning.

I think consumers respond strongly to a strong marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, when done well, the competitors may start counter marketing their company in response to the original success of the campaign. Using of Apple as a perfect example - first of they have created a strong brand based on being the "cool", "hip", "designer" computer company. So then on top of this positioning partly due to the design community, Apple decided it wanted to tap into more of the market so they offer ipods and digital music which feeds into their current customers wants and now starts a viral marketing program that gets non-Apple consumers to start buying Apple products. This obviously was a huge hit so Apple starts adding digital movies, tv shows etc. which just excellerates this craze. Then the big kick was the iPhone, now there is no reason for any consumer not to buy Apple products. This is genius! Now these other areas start feeding the computer market since they are so comfortable with there daily used iPhone, iPods and iTunes.

And, the point I was getting to was Apple then started the "I'm a mac and I'm a PC" campaign. This added fuel to the fire and Microsoft knew they needed to counter attack… so they started their whole "We're all a PC" campaign.

Although the Microsoft ads are good, sadly, this is a me too ad campaign. I think the story/reality Apple is living is that of the "creative & innovative computer company". Innovators set trends and break through the everyday clutter of me too marketing. So in my mind this is what a good marketing strategy or strong company story can create - interest on an emotional level that starts the viral marketing (telling everyone you know about how great this product/service is).

I do think also that it is important to be consistent with you marketing message across all mediums and you need to be making contact with customers and prospects on a regular basis to build & re-enforce the story/message.

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Dale Berkebile cited as Expert in Business Development.


Tags: Brand Building, Marketing, Brand Development, Industry Expert, Business Development


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