Brandwise Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy Overview
Our privacy policy statement describes:

* The benefits of registering and providing profile data
* The purpose of "cookies"

Please read this Policy in its entirety before registering.

At BRANDWISE, we want you to be inspired by our design when you visit us-not worried. We assure you that any information gathered will be used exclusively for our business needs, including research, promotional purposes, and for future site development. BRANDWISE will not share or sell any information we collect about our customers to third parties.

Your right to privacy
BRANDWISE respects your right to privacy. You may choose not to provide any personal information. You will still have access to the majority of the site, but some services may not be available to you.

Your information
To register on BRANDWISE's site, you must provide some basic information. Minimal data is also gathered when you order products/services, enter contests, or participate in surveys. This information helps to enhance your experience by allowing us to:

* Create a more useable web site
* Custom-design your visit
* Keep you informed of new products and services (but only if you want us to)
* Contact you regarding clarification of orders or service issues
* Develop general site audience information

BRANDWISE uses general site audience information to better understand how our site is utilized. This helps us improve and enhance your user experience.

Future Contact
It is possible that we will contact you with site announcements, promotional information, product sampling opportunities, and research requests.

When you visit BRANDWISE's site, we may send your computer a "cookie," a small piece of information stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies store information about your preferences, giving us information that helps us make your visit more useful.

If your browser permits, you are free to decline cookies. Without cookies, you can still use most of our site's features, although some functionality may be limited.

Opting Out
If you would like to be removed from BRANDWISE's database, just fill out the form on this page and request that you no longer be sent information and that your registration record be deleted, and we'll be happy to honor your request.