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Texas career counseling & education website design.

Posted by Dale Berkebile on Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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CareerConstruction offers career counseling to youth and adults. They offer counseling and education for parents that want to help direct their child's future success, youth prepping for college and also adults in career transition.

Although CareerConstruction is a new offering from NewStarts, they wanted to hit the ground running and start generating as much notice and brand awareness as possible, but as needed to manage their marketing budget.

Brandwise recommended a custom branded website that allowed CareerConstruction to manage their own site and take advantage of blogging and the social media sites.

CareerConstruction has gotten all the tools they need to become a leader in their industry. This site has started to build recognition on a local level and also started generating leads for the company.

In the first year the CareerConstruction site has:

  • a few keywords ranked #1 with Google
  • increased inbound links by 300%
  • increased blog subscribers by 250%
  • increased blog comments by 100%
  • increased social media reach by 69%
  • improved Google indexed pages by 20%
  • had a 600% increase in website visitors from their early stats to the sites best month
  • as of today The CareerConstruction site has a website grade of 73% out of 100
Over the next few years just watch how CareerConstruction really starts to grow their web presence and build an even bigger business. Even more important we look forward to seeing how their site is starting to generate more leads and how NewStarts then starts converting these leads into sales.

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