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Posted by Dale Berkebile on Wed, Oct 12, 2011

GardenContinuum fall ad

This is a 2/3 page full color ad for The Garden Continuum running in the fall issue of the WellesleyWeston Magazine. The Garden Continuum is a landscape design firm in Medfield, MA. Since some of their clients/prospects are in the Wellesley & Weston area of MA, they thought it might be good to advertise in this local geo-focused magazine.

There were two goals for Brandwise when doing this ad:

  1. create an ad that sets TGC apart from all the other landscape companies
  2. make an offer that will drive traffic to the website

We very much helped TGC create a look and feel that no other landscape firm was doing. We stayed away from beautiful yard shots and went instead with a simple graphic shot of a Red Maple to promote the fall planting TGC can do. We also added an offer to try to make the readers do something… Go to the website and download an eBook on how to pick plants.

Since this was the first ad like this, they got some traffic to the website. They did not however get any leads from people downloading the ebook. This leads me to believe that the traffic was probably competitors wondering who this new advertiser was and what they offering. It is good to get the competitors wondering what you are doing.

The next step is to continue running a similar campaign. Advertising is a medium that takes time to break through the clutter. It takes campaigns and not just 1 or 2 ads to get results. So if you go this route, commit to the campaign approach. I would say it will take 13-15 ads to start getting through to people. That being said, either do multiple ads in one magazine and/or an ad a month for the next year or two (for monthly magazines).

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