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How to find percentage?
What if you need to calculate percentage increase, but not only by how much a number increased, but also the change in percentage increase between two numbers? This online calculator will calculate percent increase, and it will also calculate percent decrease, and percent difference calculation as well --> the example will explain how it works.

Math Example: How to calculate percentage increase, Decrease or Difference.

How to calculate percent increase between two numbers? To calculate percent difference, you need to follow these steps:

Problem: You need to calculate percent % increase from 5 to 20
  1. Find the difference between two numbers, in this case, it's 20 - 5 = 15
  2. Take the difference, 15, and divide by the original number: 15/5 = 3.
  3. Lastly, multiply the number above by 100: 3*100 = 300%
You're done! You calculated difference of a number in percent, and the answer is a percentage increase of 300%.