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Sales are down so get marketing! Right?


There's no doubt that if marketing were done perfectly, selling would be unnecessary.

If you haven't heard this quote before, now you have. This quote is delivered by Peter Drucker.

So if you have been in business for some time you may have thought like this. Business is down, let's go to a trade show, start a new direct mail campaign or get on the first page of google. Often new CEO's and business owners head down this road. Business is down so you have to do something why not lean on marketing?

Well, if you had been down this path you might know this theory is flawed.

One marketing campaign is not going to make you rich. Marketing is not a once and done kind of solution. As a matter of fact once you start marketing, you really should never stop.

How many companies look at marketing this way?

Maybe a handful and often times these are large corporations, not small businesses. So what is the solution? Well, becoming committed to ongoing marketing is a start, but more importantly is popping the hood and looking at the sales engine. If sales are down it is best to hire, fire, evaluate or train your sales staff.

If you have a solid sales staff they should be able to take you from a commodity into value based consultative selling. This puts you into trusted advisor mode with prospects or clients. You can get a single sales person evaluated here.

In the first 10 years of running my firm, we thought just like Peter Drucker.

We marketed often and tried my different techniques and tools. What we found was that marketing in and of itself is useless and a waste of money without a quality sales team working the leads you generate. Sadly many CEOs find this out as well, but only after trying several different marketing tools and marketing companies. This has given "marketing" and "branding"  a bad name because at the end of the day, all most CEOs want is proven business growth.

If your sales team are experts and know how to move suspects into prospects, prospects into qualified opportunities and qualified opportunities into customers, then they should partner with the marketing team. Having the marketing team working closely and rewarded on deals that close helps everyone get on the same page. As a matter of fact training sales people how to do marketing will also help your team get some skin in the game and work the leads coming from marketing more effectively.

So if sales are down, don't throw cash at marketing… look for a trusted advisor that can help you define what the true problem is and fix it once and for all. If you'd like to get evaluated or get a free consulation, click one of links here or the button below.



Posted by: Dale Berkebile

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